12 Coding Challenges

  1. Get the price of Bitcoin

  2. Display a personal greeting

  3. Calculate days until your birthday

  4. Decide whether to buy stock

  5. Create a countdown timer

  6. Create a quiz game

  7. Create a calculator class

  8. Determine your next pay raise

  9. Blackjack Part 1:  Shuffle & Deal

  10. Blackjack Part 2: Let's Play

  11. Analyze the lottery numbers

  12. Predict popularity of online content

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15 Instructional Videos

  1. Programs are just giving instructions

  2. Create your first program

  3. Data + Instructions = Objects

  4. Decide what instructions to do

  5. Repeat instructions in loops

  6. Deal with lists of objects

  7. Programs are only made of 3 things

  8. Useful classes to up your game

  9. Dealing with errors and exceptions

  10. Create your first class

  11. Blackjack Part 1

  12. Blackjack Part 2

  13. Analyzing Data: Is the lottery truly random?

  14. Machine learning and predictions: Will your online content be successful?

  15. A brief overview of HTML and web pages