Deliver Breakthrough Presentations: A Self-Improvement Workbook

Deliver Breakthrough Presentations: A Self-Improvement Workbook

Use this workbook to craft and deliver breakthrough presentations that effectively communicate key messages to your audience. This workbook guides you step by step in the creation of talks that hook your audience from the beginning and keep them listening attentively until the conclusion. A simple 4 step process is used to get you from the idea phase through to the construction of your final slide deck. Five different presentation types are discussed (Proposal or Decision Making, Sales, Informational, Training or Educational, Progress Report) and each uses a tailored set of workbook pages to help best create your presentation.

Guidance and workbook pages are provided to refine key ideas, outline your slide desk, and include visual elements that enhance your story. Emphasis is placed on the organization of your material into slides with an aesthetically appealing template and compelling visuals. Workbook pages range include lined journal pages for jotting down ideas as well as structured slide outlines. It is also important to choose an opening that will immediately grab your audience's attention.

This workbook includes important guidance, such as specific word count limit to maximize the visual impact while conveying your key information. Slides are visual elements that aid in the telling of your story, and this workbook encourages you to think through and define those elements. This is critical to differentiate your talk from the others out there.

This workbook is for students, freelancers, and professionals of all experience levels who wish to improve their presentation skills and delivery. It will help you think through the most important concepts you want to communicate, and how best to tell your story to accomplish your goal. Each workbook has pages to outline six different presentations.


You may have the greatest idea in the world, however you almost always need to communicate that idea to others. In fact, you will likely have to present it multiple times to different stakeholders. Each of these talks may have various desired outcomes. Use this workbook to help define key messages for different audiences. Define the key takeaway for each, and watch your idea flourish.Templates and guidance provided for all types of talks including proposals, decision-making, teaching and educational, informational, persuasive, and progress reporting.